About PLS

Phase Field Microstructural Modeling: Batteries and Solidification


Phase field modeling is a continuum computing technique that allows efficient simulation of materials processes at the mesoscale such as the evolution of the microstructure of a cathode in advanced lithium ion batteries.

  • Advanced materials and microstructures in cathodes may improve battery performance significantly. We have developed phase field models of the diffusive processes associated with charging and discharging.
  • A phase field code AMPE has been developed that implements adaptive mesh refinement and scales well on the parallel LC supercomputers.
  • Phase field is also being applied to modeling grain boundary networks (PI: Kumar) and nuclear fuels (PI: Turchi)
  • Recent papers: M. Tang et al. Annu. Rev. Mater. Sci. (2010).
  • People: Ming Tang, Farmer, Wang, …