About PLS


High Pressure Technologies

It is very important that our group have an instrument to remotely adjust sample pressure inside the Diamond Anvil Cell while it is being bombarded with x-rays inside a closed synchrotron hutch. A system was developed that could precisely and systematically adjust sample pressure between the diamonds of the DAC unit from a remote location.

Thermal Technologies

Heating experiments at high pressure are extremely valuable in understanding fundamental physical and chemical behavior of materials as well as in examining phase stability and phase diagrams.

Optical Spectroscopy

We study structural and bonding changes in molecular solids under applied pressure using optical (Raman and IR absorption) spectroscopy in the Diamond Anvil Cell.

Synchrontron X-Ray Scattering

Structural studies at high pressures often rely on the ability to probe micro-samples, which can be achieved using intense x-ray beams from various synchrotron sources.

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