Fusion Technology

The focus of the Fusion Technology Group is R&D necessary to transform fusion from a science program to a viable energy source for MFE, IFE and Laser Inertial Fusion-Fission Energy (LIFE). Activities includes R&D for both near-term (NIF, ITER) and longer-term (proof of principle, demo, power plant) steps to fusion. Traditional areas of expertise include:

  • superconducting magnets for ITER
  • fusion chamber concept development
  • neutronics, thermal/mechanical design
  • modeling radiation damage to structural materials
  • plasma-wall interaction experiments and modeling
  • fusion safety modeling and analysis
  • systems integration / power plant conceptual design
  • system cost/performance modeling and analysis

Fusion Technology Key Contributors

  • Wayne Meier (APL, IFE chamber design and systems modeling)
  • Nicolai Martovetsky (Superconducting magnets for ITER)
  • Ralph Moir (Molten salts for breeding, MFE and IFE chambers)
  • Reg Wood (NIF diagnostics)
  • Susana Reyes (Safety)
  • Tom Rognlien (Plasma-wall modeling)
  • Jaime Marian (Neutron damage modeling)
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Central Solenoid
Model Coil

(ITER prototype)