Fusion Energy Sciences Program Mission

The Fusion Energy Sciences Program (FESP) advances interdisciplinary science and technology in areas central to establishing the scientific basis of magnetic and inertial fusion energy. It stewards plasma physics for the sake of deepening the understanding of fusion plasmas and of the natural world. The FESP also supports the advance of particle beam science and technology associated with fusion energy, national security, and medical applications

Fusion Energy Sciences Program Research Areas

LLNL's Fusion Energy Sciences Program (FESP) currently covers a broad range of research activities (experiments, theory, and modeling) in (1) magnetic fusion energy (MFE) science; (2) high energy density laboratory plasmas (HEDLP) including inertial fusion energy (IFE) science; and (3) fusion technology and materials.

LLNL FESP's fusion energy activities funded by the DOE/Office of Science - Fusion Energy Sciences are organized along the following lines:

In addition to these fusion energy activities, FESP's Beam Research Program conducts fundamental particle beam science and is developing advanced accelerators and technology for national defense, medicine and homeland security. Core competencies include:

Fusion Energy Sciences (FES)

Don Correll is the Point-of-Contact for DOE Office of Science Programs – Fusion Energy Sciences (FES) at LLNL.
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