PLS has a vibrant postdoctoral program with more than 80 postdocs during a given year. Postdoctoral employees make significant contributions to basic and applied research of national interest and bring a unique technical background that adds to the directorate's breadth and depth of scientific capability. Postdoctoral appointments, which can last for up to three years, represent an important pathway toward career positions at LLNL. See our current list of PLS postdoctoral researchers, their CVs and contact information.

Mission and Goals

The PLS Postdoctoral Program was developed to create a thriving multidisciplinary research environment that fosters experimental, simulation, and computational research in chemistry, physics, materials, atmospheric, earth, and life sciences. The postdoctoral program provides an exciting and productive environment to train young scientists for successful research careers, and PLS offers a broad range of professional development activities. Postdoctoral fellows are selected for their scientific expertise, capability, and enthusiasm for working in a highly collaborative and productive environment that places a premium on scientific innovation. The success of each postdoctoral fellow will be measured by the quality of the research, publications, and alignment to LLNL's current programmatic needs to carry out our national security mission.

How to Apply

It is all waiting for you in PLS. Here, our people develop and use the most cutting edge technology in the country, if not the world. How do we do it? By encouraging and embracing a competition of ideas with respect for individual contributions, and a workforce with diverse experiences, skills, and backgrounds. So, join the ultimate scientific community and discover your true career potential. 

The PLS Directorate currently hosts more than 80 postdoctoral fellows conducting world-class research in physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and materials science. We award postdoctoral assignments for 2 years with a possible 3rd year renewal. Approximately 50% of our postdoctoral appointees convert to staff scientist positions at the end of their postdoc tenure. See our current postdoctoral job openings.

Postdoctoral Program Staff

If you have questions concerning the PLS Postdoctoral Program, please contact the Administrative Specialist:

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