Professional Development Activities

Postdoc presenting science poster

Monthly Seminar Series

Monthly postdoc seminars are held on the 2nd and 4th Tues., 11-12, in B151, Rm 1209, the Stevenson Room. These seminars feature two talks from various PLS postdocs and allows for fellow postdocs to practice giving general talks to scientists not in their immediate field of research.

Laboratory-wide Development Activities

In an effort to help our postdocs develop into principal research investigators, several professional development activities are sponsored throughout the year. These are hosted by the Institutional Postdoc Program Board and are briefly summarized below:

Postdoc Orientation
All new postdocs may attend an orientation to the Laboratory. This allows new postdocs to become familiar with Laboratory procedures as well as meet other new postdocs and students.

Monthly Brown Bag Seminars
These seminars are held specifically for all postdocs working at the Laboratory. They feature a variety of relevant topics, such as "How to interview" or "How to write a grant" to help postdocs improve on their skills.

Postdoc picnic
Postdoc Symposium
Each year, all postdocs at the laboratory present their current research in a poster format for an all-day research exchange. The symposium is attended by scientists throughout the Laboratory and allows for postdocs to meet and talk with other staff members as well as discuss projects and research.

Career and Networking
Each year a career development or networking day is organized that is designed to provide all postdocs with information about future career opportunities within LLNL. The sessions feature a broad series of research topics to showcase exciting current and future research.
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Postdoc Poster Session
Postdocs present their work in a poster session

Postdoc Travel Funds Available

Travel funds are available for postdocs through I2CAM (Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter) international. The goal of ICAM and I2CAM is to nucleate an international "institute without walls" networking between the 18 US ICAM branches and our European partners. To this end, travel funds are available for postdocs ($1500) to attend international meetings or workshops. Research grants (Junior Fellowship) are also available to carry-out research (2-6 months) at participating ICAM branches. The grant covers travel and living expenses up to $35,000.

The proposed research must fall within the current interdisciplinary focus of ICAM on either: (1) correlated matter, or (2) biological matter.

Applications can be submitted at any time. See the I2CAM Web site   for more information. Chris Orme ( is LLNL's representative on the local steering committee.